Albedo - Fabio Marullo
Albedo | 2022 | oil on linen canvas | cm 202,5 x 146

Pittura Italiana Oggi

Albedo is a work embodying a great stratification of languages and visions.
The title of the work itself derives from a scientific context and generally indicates the reflective power of a surface while, in this case, it refers to the generative situations that are created on glaciers by means of this phenomenon. These are places filled with the most elementary and fundamental forms of our system, which we are unable to grasp. This is why the surface of the work renders this emptiness, with masses that appear and vanish and change the perception of different colors. This apparent disorientation is the set of promptings that come from different fields and are enabled in Marullo’s work to open our thoughts to new prospects and question the way we choose to be in the world and engage in dialogue with its life forms.

Pittura Italiana is a a large group exhibition dedicated to contemporary Italian painting through the work of 120 of the most interesting Italian artists of different generations, born between 1960 and 2000. The exhibition aims to restore the richness and complexity of Italian painting. Resuming the suggestions of the historic Gallery of Mural Painting of Triennale Milano, special commissions of site-specific mural works are planned, which will bring the medium of painting to measure itself with the theme of space and architecture.